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Use our resume writing service

    18 lutego, 2020

Professional assistance in creating an effective resume

The consultants at enhancv.com are experienced in professionally identifying and describing exactly the qualities that distinguish a brilliant resume that will get an employer's interest from a resume immediately tossed in the trash.

They can create a resume that catches a potential employer's eye at first glance. One or two pages of text will highlight your successes and accomplishments in the most vivid way and tell the best about your work experience.

Helps you stand out from thousands of applicants.

Why is it better to entrust the preparation of a proper resume to professionals

First of all it's an


The pros at enhancv.com review dozens of resumes a day, thousands a month. Working with more than 700 client companies, have closed several thousand jobs for them. Recruiter, working on "both sides of the barricades", like no one else knows what employers want to see in your resume.


The recruiter can look at you as a professional from the outside, with fresh eyes. and highlight what's important.


Consultations are not just theoretical advice. These are proven 8-years practice methods of competent presentation of candidates by means of CVs and cover letters, which allow to create a positive image of the candidate and to achieve his/her invitation for the interview!

Eliminating mistakes

Experience tells us that most people, even with a resume template from the Internet, can't (or won't, or don't have the time) properly prepare a truly effective resume sample.

I'd also like to draw your attention to another great service, https://resumegets.com/. Which includes additional services from those described above

"https://resumegets.com/" includes:

  • Initial consultation (in person or by phone).
  • Writing a new sample or a complete revision of your old resume
  • Checking for "keywords" and compliance with interview techniques
  • Formatting an electronic version of the CV for sending it as an attached file (Word)
  • Saving an electronic version of your resume on any media
  • Print version: printing up to 2 copies
  • One-time dispatch of CVs to specified e-mail addresses (up to 3)
  • Preparation of a sample cover letter
  • Eternal storage in a database

One year of service support (make changes to CVs, update existing information). Maintenance includes 15 minutes of discussion (in person or by phone) about the existing CV, followed by making changes and sending to the client via e-mail.