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Primobolan course and side effects

    18 lutego, 2020

Primobolan course

The Primobolan course is best suited during the drying cycle to preserve muscles and get relief.

The mild action of the drug requires a longer course (up to 8 weeks), however, with an increase in the duration of the course of Primobolan, the risk of side effects increases.

The dosage of Primobolan screamed - 50-100 mg per day. 2-3 days after the end of admission, post-cycle therapy begins Primobolan buy.

The dosage of Primobolan Depot is 400 mg, once a week. After 3 weeks after the last injection, post-cycle therapy begins.

Before starting the course, a doctor's consultation is required to exclude contraindications.

Side Effects

Primobolan (both forms) is not converted to estrogen, which is one of the main advantages of the drug. As a result, you can take Primobolan without the risk of developing gynecomastia and edema. Although gynecomastia may be indicated in some instructions.

Primobolan slightly reduces the level of production of its own testosterone. Its suppressive effect is weaker than testosterone and nandrolone. Studies show that a course of 40 mg Primobolan (oral) suppresses testosterone levels by an average of 50%. A significant decrease in the production of endogenous testosterone is observed only with long courses with high doses of the drug. In these cases, during the course, the use of gonadotropin is required, otherwise the development of testicular atrophy is possible.

Methenolone practically does not cause an increase in bad cholesterol. The drug has no significant effect on blood pressure levels.

Due to its low androgenic effect, Primobolan practically does not cause hair loss. Most often, methenolone causes such side effects as: aggression, excitability, insomnia, and an increase in liver enzymes in the event that large doses are used.

Thus, Primobolan can be considered one of the safest anabolic steroids currently available on the market.