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Tips for passing the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Side quests. Evil in Waiting.

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On this page of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim you will find a detailed description of the quest "Evil in wait. You will be visiting the ruins of Valtuma. Once you get there, take a look at the tomb. On this page at a later stage of the mission, you must take part in the ritual and defeat Hevnoraak, the mini boss. New primary goal: gather the shipsNew primary goal: perform the ritual with ValdaromNew primary goal: defeat Hevnoraak New main objective: to assemble ships Please note that this quest is linked to the Masks of the Dragon Priests, so it is best to complete it by obtaining one of the eight masks required for the collection. Open a map of the world and head for the ruins of Valtuma, located on the western side of Skyrim (screen above). If you haven't already discovered the area, it's best to start with Markart and head east while staying on the main road. Once you've reached your destination, find the door leading to Valtuma and talk to the ghost of Valdara . The ghost will warn you of the evil hiding in this place, associated with the Dragon Priest Hevnoraak. In the remainder of the conversation you will learn about the possibility of defeating it, although some preparations will be required. The first thing you need to do is get three magic vessels. Take advantage of the passageway unlocked after talking to Valdar and head south. Soon you should get to the big gate, and you need to open it to get to the main part of Valthume . Go ahead, choosing the narrow southern passageway. Look for traps on your way (you can use some of them to your advantage) and be ready to fight dragons often. Unfortunately, in most cases they will be stronger types, ie Drauga Wights, Drauga Caratels and Drauga Deathlords . Adapt your tactics depending on whether you are fighting a warrior, archer or magician. Once you have reached a larger room, you will have the opportunity to look around a bit, fight a few more dragons and spiders, or take advantage of the southern passage at once. Pay attention to the lanterns hanging from the ceiling, as they can cause flames in nearby corridors when contacting the ground. You can, of course, use this against monsters, although try not to hurt yourself while you are on it. When crossing the narrow corridors, use the handle on the east wall to reach the room with the first ship. Unfortunately, it is guarded by the Death Lord Draugra, so you have to defeat it first. After the battle, take the ship. Go back to the main corridor and move further south. In the next big room, you'll have a hard fight with the Draugras. It's worth quickly eliminating those who know how to use magic. Then the dead east to find your way to the Valthume catacombs.</p>