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Overview of the Canva platform for illustration and document design

    18 lutego, 2020

Canva cloud service is created specifically for those who communicate with photoshop "on you". You can use it both on the site without installing any additional plugins, and in the mobile app for Android and iOS.
Canva - an online editor for creating a design using ready-made templates. The service has a convenient mobile app for iOS and Android. It is easy to install - the app is free to download in Google Play and the App Store. You can use it to create designs as quickly as possible using preforms. This is convenient when you need to place posts on a social network or create a mini-ad.

The designer will be convenient not only for professionals, but also for those who do not understand how to create designs at all. Everything is as simple and clear as possible. The only significant drawback is that many cliparts are paid. Basic features of Canva are free of charge, and additional features (saving images with a transparent background, access to more templates and stock photos, convenient management of corporate identity, loading your fonts, sorting designs by folder, etc.) are available with a Canva for Work subscription for $12.95 per month.

If you have your own small business, project, channel, and especially if you are a creative entrepreneur, sooner or later you will face the need to develop your recognizable corporate style. You may check in different micro stocks rankings, that canva is the one of best cheapest stock photo agencies for buying high quality graphic images and photos in high resolution through internet. You can approach the business from its professional and, accordingly, expensive side-hire a professional designer who will create what you need. But this is not accurate.

However, it is very rare to find a creative person who will understand you immediately and implement your ideas professionally, quickly and without surprises. In most cases, everything is quite prosaic - you will get something likely to go for 5-10 rounds of refinement on your comments before you can use it in any way. But not every customer can formulate their comments so that the performer understands and accepts them.

Therefore, we recommend that you start working on your corporate identity by getting acquainted with Canva - a relatively new and partially free design service that, with some effort on your part, is quite capable of solving some of the tasks of creating an identity. It will not be something unique if you are not a professional designer, but the more creatively you rework the standard solutions, the more interesting the result will be.

Canva is a graphic design tool founded in 2012. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photos, graphics, and fonts. It is used by both ordinary people and professional designers. The tools can be used for both design and print preparation.
Canva is both the full web version and the smartphone app of the same name. If you create an account, you will have access to tools, design libraries, and your archive in both versions.all designs you create can be saved as templates and used or corrected later.
As a registered user of the free version, you will have access to most of the app's tools. Only, all photos, logos, designs of business cards, leaflets, invitations, and other things are divided into free (marked in the lower right corner of the icons corresponding symbol) and paid (in the corner of the icons you will see coins - 1, 2, 3 and on; when you click on these designs, you will be asked to purchase a coin for payment; if you do not pay for design after saving will be covered by watermarks of the application and to fully use it you will not succeed). So, what the app can do:

Free photo library
If you need high-quality photos, but you can't make them, just download them from the library. Photos can be edited, cropped, or used to create graphics.
Canva collection of elements and photos
Canva works as a constructor: you can create new images by assembling them from ready-made elements, including geometric shapes, lines, photo frames, "three-dimensional" and contour drawings, icons of various styles and themes, interactive graphs and diagrams that can be built from input data, as well as stock photos. The collection of objects and photos includes several million items, some of which are free. Others can be used for a fee (depending on the type of license and the number of uses, prices range from $1 per image and higher).
In addition to graphic effects, you can, of course, add text to images. More than 100 stylish fonts are available for the cyrillic alphabet of the language.

Canva photo editor features
When you add your photos to your designs, you can also edit them. Among the available features are not only standard brightness, transparency, and contrast settings, but also the ability to make a photo translucent, apply a photo effect similar to Instagram filters, add a vignette, or make the photo blurry. Plus, the service has a separate photo editor available without registration.
First, let's look at the main functionality offered by the basic version of Canva (i.e., it is free). We will not go deeper, just in general words:
Photo editing: filters, frame cropping, quality improvement;
Catalog of editable templates: banners, posts for social networks, mailing lists, logos, etc.;
Stock photo library: search for photos, cliparts, buttons, icons, infographics;
Custom photos in design: upload your photos and create the right designs based on them;
Download layouts in the main formats: the service allows you to download JPG, PNG, PDF, and PDF for printing;
Shared document editing: connecting colleagues or friends regardless of their location;
Organizing work in teams: unite users who see and can edit each other's designs;
Social media design planner: link your social media accounts to your Canva account for automatic publishing;
Creating business card sites and online presentations: turning designs into sites that can be accessed via a link.

Canva mobile app
Of course, mobile versions of Canva have a narrower functionality. However, there are no radical differences: here you can also choose one of the many formats for the design, take a ready-made template as a basis, insert your text, shapes and photo frames, edit a photo, add icons, change the color scheme.

Canva for Work
The site has a "create a team" function. It is necessary if you are not developing the design alone. It will be especially useful for advertising agencies and web studios. To create a team, insert the e-mail addresses of the participants in a special window.
To enjoy all the benefits of working as a team, go to the “Canva for Work " tab. You can quickly share your sketches and folders with your colleagues. Canvas for work is a paid option. As we wrote in our review at https://photostockguide.com, buyer should pay only $12.95 per month per team member. The first 30 days of use are free of charge. This tariff plan offers many advantages. But if you work alone, you don't need it.

Who will be interested in the canva editor?
Canva is a design builder that helps you create high-quality covers, presentations, social media posts, banners, and other materials. No special knowledge is required to work in this editor. All you need to do is create an account. The rest of the actions will be intuitive. Therefore, the service will be useful for a wide audience.

Designers. Sometimes a design layout for a client or an outline for a project is needed urgently. An online editor is always at hand.

Bloggers. Thousands of templates for social networks will help you design posts, stories, account covers, etc.

SMM specialists. It is very difficult to promote an account on a social network without a beautiful design. The first thing to do before the promotion is to create a profile and create a unified style.

Experts. If you are an expert in some field and promote your brand, you need high-quality design. Whether it's a website or blog on Instagram.

Students. The service gives you a lot of opportunities to design student papers — reports, presentations, schedules, lesson plans, etc.

Businessmen. The site allows you to create the design for flyers, letterheads, letters, and ads.