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Online slot machine Smile Fortune

    18 lutego, 2020

Characteristics of the slot machine

Well, it's time for you to win more money. Most slot machines have a standard interface. Smile of fortune has a more simplified look, where there are no usual reels for us. The game is based on a random number generator that gives out combinations in a magic ball in an indefinite order. Therefore, the player does not need to memorize complex variations, the whole process and winning depends on a simple case. Despite this difference from the standard 777 emulators, the player reviews show that the new and simple interface has appealed to many gambling fans who want to increase their capital. This mechanism eliminates the possibility of cheating, and it becomes easier to win.
Winnings slot machine the Name of Irshansk date of win Amount ($)
luckyh*** 05.03.2020 1280
kiril*** 06.03.2020 808
igrom7*** 07.03.2020 261

Game symbols

The game smile of fortune has a very simple and intuitive interface. Even a novice can figure out in two minutes what buttons you need to click to win a tidy sum. The game table is divided into three Windows.
In the left window, there is a tableau with the minimum bid, and bids that can be made at any time. Bids are shown as a witch's potion.
In the center of the playing field is an attribute of the witch-a magic ball. This ball displays the winning combinations of each round. The "Play" and "Double" buttons are located at the bottom.
On the right side of the playing field there is a tableau of winnings and the history of bets made. "AutoPlay" allows you to play until you click the stop button.

Description of the game process

Smile fortune slot machines are a great chance to relax after long working hours and earn a great amount. In order to start an exciting process, you need to register and top up your balance. After that, you need to select a bet and start the game with the "play" button. The magic ball begins to blink. As a result, the win will be highlighted in green with x2, the loss will be highlighted in pink with 0.
Everything is simple and easy. We wish you a successful victory!