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How to secure your breakup devices

    18 lutego, 2020

Even though devices are secured by manufacturers by default, you can still have a lot of security issues, small or big, with your phone or tablet. To prevent it from happening, we would like to teach you how to secure your devices aginst spell to break up a relationship. In this article we will tell you about some tips to make your devices more secure which manufacturers prefer to keep quiet about.

To begin with, always protect your devices with a password. If you have a newer phone version which comes with a fingerprint scanner, always keep your fingerprint lock enabled. If your better half happens to see what is in your phone, the outcome can as bad as it is when someone puts one of the break up spells on a couple. So make sure your girlfriend or boyfriend does not have access to the information which is not intended for them. If you actually have what to hide, keep it in hidden files and folders.

Remember that vulnerabilities can be found in any software. The best antiviruses do not guarantee 100% protection, so you should be the one in charge of the security of your devices. Thus, hackers (they keep getting better) will not be able to take advantage of your personal data if you do not provide your real data when creating accounts.

Do not save your passwords using password managing apps. If your password manager gets hacked, the hackers will have access to all your accounts. Saving passwords in your browser is a bad idea too. It is better to enter the password manually every time you need to log in. Yes, it is inconvenient, but that is what you have to do if you do not want to get hacked.

A similar approach should be used when you enter your card numbers when making purchases online. Never save these numbers to reduce the likelihood of them being stolen.

Speaking of software security, let us remind you that most people get malicious software not via SMS or email. Malware is downloaded by users themselves 90% of the time along with free software and some games available in the Google Play store. Even though apps undergo rigorous security testing before appearing in Google Play, some malware remains undetected.

So do not download such software which impacts your tables like a break up spell impacts relationships. Before downloading anything, read some reviews of the users who have already downloaded this app. If there is any malicious code within the app, you will know about it.

To protect your gadgets from viruses and prevent your personal data from being stolen, use antivirus protection. Keep it updated because hackers create new viruses all the time so your antivirus library needs to be updated on a regular basis, too.

Malicious software is not the only thing threatening your devices. Other threats include mechanical damage and exposure to high temperatures. For example, if you leave your phone in the sun for a long time, its battery can catch fire or the phone can explode due to overheating, causing injuries to you or other people. This applies mostly to phones with lithium-ion batteries. Direct sunlight is as bad for such batteries as evil spells are bad for people.

Low temperatures are not good for devices, either. Low temperatures cause crystallization of liquid battery components. Crystals can damage the internal parts of the battery which can cause it to catch fire or lead to an explosion.

Nevertheless, the biggest threat to our phones is our own carelessness. Thus, you can damage or break your phone if you:

- Drop it on the floor;
- Drop it in water;
- Use a broken charger;
- Use a charger of another phone;
- Keep your phone where it is not supposed to be kept, such as in the pocket of your jeans.
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The most common reason why phones get broken is still as follows: you forget your phone on the couch or a chair and then accidentally sit on it. Take your phone to a repair shop even if it looks like it is okay because most likely it is not, in which case it becomes a time bomb.

If you see any dents or cracks on your phone’s body or if your phone is bent, open the back and remove the battery immediately. The battery needs to be disposed of or kept in a place where it cannot start a fire or injure anyone in case it suddenly explodes, which is highly likely.

These tips are pretty easy to follow and they can help you keep your devices safe and secure. If you ignore them, your phone or tablet may face the fate of those under a break up spell. So take our advice to keep yourself and your devices out of danger.